2e Kids

Revealing Root Causes

In addition to the academic and emotional asynchronous tendencies that are common among 2e children and teens, many also deal with nutritional and health differences that can be difficult to pinpoint.

Through years of experience and research, Joan has developed a unique ability and understanding of these issues and their root causes. Her passion is helping her clients understand and resolve these issues in order to help their children reach their true potential.

2e Kids Revealing Root Causes


Joan Cass

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Joan Cass is an Innovative Functional Nutrition Consultant offering various health supports.  She possesses a gift for intuitively and strategically connecting the dots of gifted/2e children’s behaviors, and symptoms, in a way that conventional methods often cannot.

Joan is an expert at filling in the gaps of traditional and holistic medicine by providing simplified support for diet & lifestyle.  She desires to support clients in a variety of ways.

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What I Do

to Help families of 2e children


Find Hope

I help families find hope from what I have experienced and researched.

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Be Empowered

I empower parents to become more aware of the issues that face their 2e children and options for solving them.

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I guide families toward gaining a holistic, comprehensive understanding of health and nutrition.

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