About Joan

Joan Cass is an Innovative Functional Nutrition Consultant offering various health supports.  She possesses a gift for intuitively and strategically connecting the dots of gifted/2e children’s behaviors, and symptoms, in a way that conventional methods often cannot.

Joan Cass

Joan is an expert at filling in the gaps of traditional and holistic medicine by providing simplified support for diet & lifestyle.  She desires to support clients in a variety of ways. She focuses on integrating nutrition, lifestyle awareness, and daily protocols, while also strategizing with parents to consistently create guidance, community, and accountability with live support both through groups and one-on-one.

Her goal is to break through the physical, mental, emotional, and logistical issues that tend to hold back many 2e kids from their true potential. Additionally, she has explored a plethora of Neuro/Bio hacks and resources to change beliefs that stem anywhere from trauma to malnutrition, body burden, and environmental exposures.

Joan’s unique expertise helps reveal root causes and save money and time by shifting the perspective and creating solution-based healthy alternatives that bring results. She has been blazing this trail for sixteen years.  Through research, resources, and life experiences, she can carve out the best support for you. Joan can show you another way to view your situation and to consider an alternative choice. In the end, she creates a positive shift in perspective that allows incredible children to shine in this world!