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Guatemala Mayan Herbal MedicineJoan Cass
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Guatemala Mayan Herbal Medicine

Guatemala Mayan Herbal Medicine is a traditional healing practice that has been passed down through generations in Guatemala and other regions where Mayan culture thrives. It is deeply rooted in the Mayan worldview, which sees a close connection between humans, nature, and the spiritual world.
Scarlet Fever PANDAS & PANSJoan Cass
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Scarlet Fever PANDAS & PANS

Scarlet Fever PANDAS & PANS. I missed a lot of school because I had scarlet fever in second grade. This was ok because I didn’t want to go anymore. It took a month for me to recover, probably because the doctors didn't prescribe antibiotics and just let the infection run its course.
About PANDAS & PANSJoan Cass
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How I Learned About PANDAS & PANS. This is the story of the various events that have affected my health and set me on a journey to educate and empower health practitioners specializing in PANDAS and PANS.
Joan Cass 2e Twice-Exceptional SupportJoan Cass
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2e Twice-Exceptional Support

Joan Cass 2e Twice-Exceptional Support, I have had great success working with 2e families. It's important to understand that 2e, or "twice-exceptional," is not an illness.
Who grew your herbs?Joan Cass
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Who Grew Your herbs?

Who grew your herbs? Herbal medicines, I believe this subject should be front & center for anyone selling medicinal herbs to be transparent.
Mayan Healers in GuatemalaJoan Cass
Countries with deep integration of herbal medicineJoan Cass
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Countries Acceptance Herbal Medicine

Countries with deep integration of herbal medicine. Remember, this is just a glimpse into the diverse world of herbal medicine adoption.
The Origin of Herbal MedicineJoan Cass
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The Origin of Herbal Medicine

The origin of herbal medicine stretches back to the very beginnings of human civilization, predating even written history.
Protozoa harmful to humans?Joan Cass

Protozoa harmful to humans?

Protozoa harmful to humans? In the English language worms or parasites we would recognize. Most fail to understand the long-term dangers associated with Protozoa if not treated right away.
Glyphosate | Glufosinate MoleculeJoan Cass

Glyphosate | Glufosinate Molecule

Glyphosate | Glufosinate Molecule On October 30, 2019, 42,000 plaintiffs said that glyphosate herbicides caused their cancer.