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Joan Cass 2e Twice-Exceptional SupportJoan Cass
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2e Twice-Exceptional Support

Joan Cass 2e Twice-Exceptional Support, I have had great success working with 2e families. It's important to understand that 2e, or "twice-exceptional," is not an illness.
My Areas Of SpecialtyJoan Cass
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Joan Cass Areas Specialty

Integrative and functional medicine are two approaches to healthcare that focus on a holistic understanding of a patient's health and well-being, with an emphasis on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues.
Monthly Herbal Maintenance ProgramJoan Cass
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Monthly Herbal Maintenance Program

Monthly Herbal Maintenance Program involves using herbal remedies and supplements to support and maintain your overall health and well-being. Here's an outline of how I structure a monthly herbal maintenance program: