Initial Consultation 40 Minutes

Initial Consultation 40 Minutes is $89.00

I spend 40 minutes on the first consultation with new clients.

 I offer the following options ZOOM, FACETIME, FB, TG

I’m interested in knowing more about your previous health issues.
An essential part of a patient’s medical examination is an assessment of their prior medical history.

It includes learning about a patient’s past illnesses, ailments treatments, surgeries, and noteworthy health occurrences.

I need to know this information to treat the patient appropriately, make wise judgments, and comprehend their general state of health.

Herbal medicine is used differently in my practice than traditional Western medicine in a number of important ways.

Herbal medicine, sometimes referred to as botanical medicine or phytotherapy, is the application of plant-based materials, such as extracts, roots, leaves, and herbs, for medicinal purposes.

  • Source of Healing Agents:
    • Herbal Medicine: Herbal remedies are derived from natural plant sources. They utilize the medicinal properties of various plants, which may include leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and seeds.
    • Conventional Medicine: Conventional medicine primarily employs synthetic drugs and chemicals, often developed in laboratories, to treat medical conditions.

I dispel misunderstanding and shine light where there is none.

Make the pathways traveled simpler.

Where to go, what’s true, and what options are available based on my two decades of research

Initial Consultation 40 Minutes $89.00

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