Herbal Supplements:

  • Potential benefits: May offer symptom relief for certain conditions, support general well-being, or complement conventional treatment.
  • Important considerations: Limited scientific evidence for many claims, potential interactions with medications, and need for quality and standardization.
  • Recommendations: Consult a healthcare professional before use, choose reputable brands, and prioritize evidence-based approaches.

Herbal medicine (also called herbalism, phytomedicine or phytotherapy) is the study of pharmacognosy and the use of medicinal plants, which are the basis of traditional medicine. With worldwide research into pharmacology, some herbal medicines have been translated into modern remedies, such as the anti-malarial group of drugs called artemisinin isolated from Artemisia annua, a herb that was known in Chinese medicine to treat fever. There is limited scientific evidence for the safety and efficacy of many plants used in 21st-century herbalism, which generally does not provide standards for purity or dosage. The scope of herbal medicine sometimes includes fungal and bee products, as well as minerals, shells, and certain animal parts

Naturopathic Medicine:

  • Focuses on natural therapies: Utilizes herbs, nutrition, lifestyle changes, and other approaches to promote health and healing.
  • Regulated and licensed in some regions: Not universally recognized, individual practitioners’ skills and training vary.
  • Recommendations: Do your research, choose licensed practitioners in your area, and understand its limitations and complementarity to conventional medicine.

Herbal Supplements: Potential Benefits Holistic Health:

  • Considers mind, body, and spirit: Aims to address all aspects of well-being for optimal health.
  • Can incorporate various practices: Nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress management, spiritual practices.
  • Recommendations: Focus on evidence-based approaches within holistic practices, consult healthcare professionals for specific needs.

Herbal Supplements: Potential benefits Leaky Syndrome:

  • Controversial concept: Lack of definitive scientific evidence, varying definitions and diagnostic criteria.
  • Intestinal permeability concerns: Potential role in various conditions, but research is ongoing.
  • Recommendations: Consult a gastroenterologist for proper diagnosis and treatment of digestive issues, and avoid self-diagnosis based on “leaky gut.”

Alternative Therapy:

  • Encompasses diverse practices: Acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, energy healing, and more.
  • Potential benefits for well-being: Relaxation, stress management, pain relief, and symptom relief for certain conditions.
  • Recommendations: Research the specific therapy, choose qualified practitioners, and understand its limitations and complementarity to conventional medicine.


  • Childhood neuropsychiatric disorders: Linked to autoimmune responses triggered by infections.
  • Complex and require specialist diagnosis: Early intervention and evidence-based treatment crucial.
  • Recommendations: Seek professional evaluation by a pediatrician or child psychiatrist specializing in these conditions.

2e Twice-Exceptional:

  • Individuals with both giftedness and learning disabilities: Require specialized support and understanding.
  • Educational and emotional needs vary Individualized approaches crucial for success.
  • Recommendations: Seek support from professionals experienced with 2e individuals, and explore resources from organizations like NAGC or SENG.

Vagus Nerve:

  • Key component of the parasympathetic nervous system: Important for relaxation, digestion, and overall well-being.
  • Emerging research on stimulation: Techniques like breathing exercises or biofeedback have potential benefits.
  • Recommendations: Consult a healthcare professional before engaging in vagus nerve stimulation practices, and prioritize evidence-based approaches.


  • Live bacteria with potential gut health benefits: May support digestion, immune function, and potentially some conditions.
  • Research still evolving: Not a magic bullet, individual variability in response, limited evidence for many claims.
  • Recommendations: Consult a healthcare professional before use, choose reputable brands, prioritize evidence-based approaches and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Specify the type of training you’re interested in: Physical training, cognitive training, skill development, etc.
  • Different approaches and goals: Individualized plans and qualified guidance are crucial for safe and effective training.
  • Recommendations: Be clear about your goals, research, and choose reputable trainers or programs suitable for your needs and health status.
Guatemala Mayan Herbal MedicineJoan Cass
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Guatemala Mayan Herbal Medicine

Guatemala Mayan Herbal Medicine is a traditional healing practice that has been passed down through generations in Guatemala and other regions where Mayan culture thrives. It is deeply rooted in the Mayan worldview, which sees a close connection between humans, nature, and the spiritual world.
Scarlet Fever PANDAS & PANSJoan Cass
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Scarlet Fever PANDAS & PANS

Scarlet Fever PANDAS & PANS. I missed a lot of school because I had scarlet fever in second grade. This was ok because I didn’t want to go anymore. It took a month for me to recover, probably because the doctors didn't prescribe antibiotics and just let the infection run its course.
About PANDAS & PANSJoan Cass
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How I Learned About PANDAS & PANS. This is the story of the various events that have affected my health and set me on a journey to educate and empower health practitioners specializing in PANDAS and PANS.
Joan CassJoan Cass
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Guatemala’s Herbal Medicine Workshops

Guatemala’s Herbal Medicine Workshops. My Hunt for Ancestral Medicinal Herbs. Never treated with pesticides fertilizers promoting growth.
Integrative functional medicine IFMJoan Cass
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Integrative functional medicine IFM

The approach to healthcare that merges conventional medicine with complementary therapies, all aimed at finding and addressing the root causes of illness. Here's a closer look at its core aspects: Joan Cass's Philosophy of Integrative Functional Medicine IFM:
Joan Cass BooksJoan Cass
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Joan Cass Books | Research

Joan Cass books, biography, latest updates. I value the information I post on social media regarding natural health treatments in an attempt to enlighten others. I plan to write a series of books about my research and compile my findings.
Finding Pure Organic HerbsJoan Cass
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Finding Pure Organic Herbs

Guatemala is organic, the country has a growing organic agriculture industry. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, there are currently over 164 certified organic operators in Guatemala
Pure Cacao Healthy CompoundsJoan Cass
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Pure Cacao Healthy Compounds

Pure Cacao Healthy Compounds. Cacao has healthy properties for both consumption and topical application. Here's a breakdown of the potential benefits: Triglycerides, Theobromine, Anandamide, Phytosterol, Stearic Acid (about 33%, Oleic Acid (about 33%, Palmitic Acid (about 25%, Phenylethylamine (PEA), Caffeine
ParasitesJoan Cass
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Overall Guatemala Food is safe to consume, however, Water is one area Travelers to Guatemala need to use caution. Bottled Water is widely used and available, from Restaurants, Hotels, and Bars. The end of this post covers the use of Mayan Herbal Treatments for Parasites.
Lent in GuatemalaJoan Cass
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Lent in Guatemala

Every Sunday throughout Lent, elaborate processions wind their way through the streets of Antigua. These processions depict scenes from the Passion of Christ, featuring life-sized statues of Jesus, Mary, and other biblical figures carried on massive floats. The processions are accompanied by solemn music, incense, and large crowds of devotees